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For those who don’t know us from a bar of soap, we are Bill and Julia known to us as MrsF. We are an English family, and have had a House in the Hautes Pyrenees in South West France France since 1991. We have lived here permanently with our four children since 1998.

Prior to this, Bill was a police officer in the Metropolitan Police and MrsF ran a management training department within the UK health service. We moved to France when Bill was retired on medical grounds having been seriously injured at work. The rumour that he was lifting paper and dropped a typewriter on his feet is not true. Actually the typewriter bit is true.

On moving to France we converted an old animal house into an air-conditioned three bedroom gite or holiday cottage which we rent out. What do you mean that’s a Shameless plug? Hells teeth its our website so why not! For more details please visit www.dlmbp8.com

Most of MrsF’s time is spent keeping four children and a sick husband under control and looking after a steady stream of visitors. In her spare time she ensures that The Met does not screw her husbands pension. Bill spends most of his time being ill but when he is not ill he shuffles about in his slippers and threatens people and guest with his crutches.

Before we moved to France we wondered whether we would be bored – if only we knew then what we know now!

Why are we doing this website? Well a number of people said they would be interested in reading about things as they happened to us in France and so wh not use t’internet and do a sort of blog. So here it is

It is not rocket science and some of it is probably very dull but we hope you enjoy it any way.

Please feel free to send us your comments.

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