A short post just to say thanks to everyone who has rung or emailed to see if we are ok after the storms on Staurday.

Winter storm Klaus ripped in to the region during the early hours of Saturday Morning.  Sustained winds between 160 and 190 kmph were recorded whiwh puts equates it to a category 1 – 2 hurricane.

Snow then followed whiwh did not help the clear up, but all that has gone now.We escaped lightly and everyone is OK and have no damage to speak of.  Others have not been so lucky and we are in the process of helping some of our friends to get sorted.

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  1. Danny says:


    Must be some storm you’ver got there. You haven’t posted for ages, has it bown over yet?


  2. Danny says:

    This is getting to be of concern is Bill ok? He has not posted for 2.5 months now.
    Do you need anything doing Bill??


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