Happy New Year

We would like to wish all our friends and readers a happy, safe and healthy New Year.

The main topic of conversation for most Brits here continues to be the weakening of the pound against the Euro and I have no doubt that it will continue like that for sometime.  According to the experts it looks as if France ambles towards a recession whereas the UK seems to have gone in at full speed ahead.  There is no doubt that things are tight here for the French and getting worse, but it is not quite as all consuming as it seems to be in the UK.  Yet.

I have probably said this before but for us it is not a great situation having lost about 30% of our monthly income due to the exchange rate.  If another couple bleats to me about how hard it is for them to live and bemoans the price of gin and tonic I am likely to inflict a serious injury on them.  The fact is you have to take the rough with the smooth.

I have had a change of computer – WOW I hear you say, the thing is Claudia has swopped her bees knees job with the big flat screen for my arthritic laptop because she says it is better in her room as it is smaller.   She is really after a new laptop for her Birthday which is a couple ofweeks away.  Anyway she has now found her self with an English qwerty leyboard and I have got her French azerty one.  Its not so different, but different enough for us both to produce so,e interesting aords zvery noa qnd qgqin:  It does ,qke putting qccents on our frecnh corres eqsier though:

Enough of thqt, but bear with me if some of this turns out abit weird.!

Saw the New Year in with Rocket Ron and Julie and a few other reprobates.  R&J did a fantastic Indian meal and as ever laid on a great evening and we had a really good time. Finally hit the sack at about 3am.  Suzie was not with us as she was with some friends at her boyfriends but we all kipped over and there were allegations from Flora and Claudia that I was snoring rather loudly.  There were a number of suggestions as to what may have caused this, but I hazve to say I heard none of this and so dont believe it!

It is back to school on Monday and the holidays have been relaxing and a good rest, until Sunday, when no doubt at 9pm one of the herberts will remember a piece of homework  that should have been done for first thing on Monday am.

Happy New Year from us all.

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