Strange Goings On

Welcome to the strange and weird world of Billy and MrsF.

Actually it is no stranger than normally, apart from the fact that a few months ago I was invited to be somebodys friend on Facebook.  You see I am not Billy no Mates after all despite all the evidence to the contrary.

I dont do Facebook as I really cannot see the point of it, mind you MrsF cannot see the point of any of this internet malarky even though the blog was her idea!

Anyway I went to have a look and sign up to parlez with this friend only to be told that there was already a Facebook account registered to the email account I hade used in the name Bill Grave.  Who the hell is Bill Grave?  It would seem as if some cheeky swine has created a Face book account using sort of my details and my email address and possibly from my PC, but why?

Spooky hugh?

All very odd.  Anyroad up about a week ago I had gone into Lannemezan and parked the trusty Nissan Note outside the shop.  When I came out about 10  minutes later I found it unlocked and an almost brand new Motorola mobile phone- not mine on the drivers seat.  I turned it on but could not access the sim card as it was locked.

How did it get there? I dunno, I can only assume somebody got into the car by mistake.  Maybe I didn’t lock the car which is a possibility as I tend to be fairly slack about this sort of thing. Although having said that I tend to lock the Nissan and never lock the tha landrover.

The fact is that I am up by one mobile phone which works with my sim card and service provider.  As for the Face book thing well darned if I know and I have only looked at it twice and still think it is LOB.

Scooby Doo where are you?

3 Responses to “Strange Goings On”

  1. clarissa says:

    That is hysterical (in addition to being odd).

  2. Billyboy says:

    C – I got a nice new phone out of it.

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