Boxing Day

A belated happy Christmas to eberyone.  The tripo back to blighty was a success and sorted a few things out, bought some pressies etc etc.

The new foster girl has been with us for a couple of weekends, but went to stay with her elder borther and sister on Chritsmas Eve and will be there for the next week which is great for her.  She has struck up a great relationship with Ribs and the Fish and she seems to be settling in well.  Its hard to know how to integrate somebody into your family without going over the top, but she seems to know where we are coming from, which is odd because we don’t.  Anyway she rang us on Christmas morning and insisted on speaking to everyone so I think that is a good sign.  Plus she has left stuff in her room and made a few little changes to suit herself.

The Christmas fair went well and we even made a small profit – 250 Euros which in the present climate is better than Woolworths.

The pressure on exapats both in France and Spain due to the problem with the pound against the Euro is hefty.   Soeaking personally we have lost around a third of our income.  Sadly we have not lost a third of our outgoings.  Bummer.  Still you have to take the rough with the smooth and I aklways sat something will turn up.  It will wont it?

It was a funny old Christmas.  On Christmas eve Sabine and Christophe came to dinner, but did not stay late as Christophe was working (snow plough driver) and althougfh there was no snow the temperatures were very low and he was out at 4.30am salting the roads.  Christmas day itself was pleasnat enough but to be honest the fact that Old Bid was not around was felt.  Daft really becaise she wouldn’y have been here, but the Fish put it this way “Candy canes are not quite the same, I mean they are the same canes but they taste the same and I think of Granny, but they are different because Granny didn’t send them”, Puts a whole new slant on Prousts madelines, I wonder if in years to come people will quote “Fishes Candy Canes”.

Today it snowed.  Christophe was apparently dragged from his pit by a telephone call. I had to go to the mountains today to sort out a problem for a friend and it was chucking snow down.  The old red landrover ploughed its way up and down like a sure footed trusty mountain goat.  Actually it smells like a goat at times and a more effective heater would be appreciated, but me and the lad had a boys adventure.

Lst but not least it is a year today that they put my spine back together againwith titanium plates and screws.  The best Christmas present I could ever ask for and although I mighyt moan avbout the Euro and the pound and all that bollocks, I will not forget the pain I was in or that  minute when I knew I could not move or feel my legs.  I ma very greatful to the skill of the surgeon and for the big fella for cutting me some slack.

Every day I think Billy you are one Lucky Bastard.

Oh and good looking.

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  1. The Brummie says:

    Welcome back, lets hope for a better 2009, we got our house in the Gers to look forward to, just hope we can still afford it!!
    Happy New Year to you all, will email later.


  2. Martin says:

    Happy new year to you all.

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