Remberance Day

Yesterday was remembrance Day and normally we try to go to a cemetery up in the mountains at the scene of crashed RAF bomber.  It is the highest allied cemetery in Europe and unfortunately due to the vast amount of snow it is just not accessible without a very difficult drive and walk.  So we went to the sevice in Galan and it was very moving.  The school along with the marie had researched the deaths of everyone from the Canton of Galan ( a canton is made up of several villages) and had obtianed photos of all their graves.

There were 19 from Bonrepos , which wehn you consider that the populatiuon is only 150 now must have been just about every bloke.

There were some very poigniont moments.  I was going round with Gilbert who is in his eighties -( he is our firend Sabines father) he stopped at one photo and said “Thats my Grandfather”.

One bloke from Bonrepos was married March 25th 1917 died March 30th 1917.

However there is also a rather odd fact.  As far as I knew every village in France had a war memorial with the name of who died from the village.  There is a an exception which is the village of Sabbarros which s in the Canton of Galan.  They sent 30 men who served at the front for almost the entire war and none of them got killed.  As nobody got killed there was nobody to mourn so they did not qualify for a memorial.

Blow me down if they dont send another 30 odd during world war 2 and they all survived, so if you are thinking of going to war move to Sabbarros!

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  1. Clarissa says:

    That is a very cool bit of Trivia about Sabborros!

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