Last Visitors of Summer

Well the last visitors of summer have left and tonight we will have our first meal on our own since we got back from our hols on the 21st July.  It has been good fun, but I have eaten too much and might just have over done the grog on a few evenings.

The weather is tres agreeabale at the moment with a nice and sunny with a few patchy clouds and temperatures of 29c.  I should really cut the grass, but to be honest I can’t be arsed.  The main thing this week is to get back into some vague routine before the kids go back to school next week.  William goes back on Tuesday and Ribs starts College (secondry school) the same day.  Suzie and Claudia are back on Wednesday for a half day.

Its funny how your life changes as the kids grow and move on.  Originally we all got up at about 7.30 as Galan school starts at 9am and the bus picked them up at 8.30.  When Suzie and Claudia were at College we got up with at 6 and had breakfast and they left the house at 7.15.  The other two still got up at 7.30.  So now with three of them going out at sparrows fart we have decided we will all get up 6 and breakfast together and the poor lad will just have to  revise his poem or whatever he has to do before getting on the bus at 8.30.  I am not good first thing in the morning so am not looking forward to the new change but now doubt it will work out for the best.

Before going back to school we have to buy all the books, stationary and sports stuff plus the obligatory cavarnous back pack to cart it all round in.  It is a French ritual and really marks the end of the end of the summer.  All the supermarkets are carrying a mega supply of exercise books and pencils etc, but even so if you leave it too late you can find yourself hunting in vain for stuff.  There is a good system at the lycee and college where for 40€ they order in bulk and put the whole lot together for you.  I should point out that although you have to buy the books you get a fair wedge of wonger from the family allowance people to cover the cost, we get about 300€ per kid.

Last night we had our final meal with visitors and got a visit from a small swarm of hornets – only a few dozen, but enough to call a halt to the proceedings.  They weren’t aggressive but were clearly out on the piss because they kept diving into our beers – the king cheek- having a bit of slurp before flying off in a zig zaggy manner.  I think we have a nest and I will have to go and get some spray and do the bastards in.

The other big event here is that Suzie and Claudia have moved from the house into the gite.  The idea is that this will act as a stepping stone for when they go off to uni or whatever and will give them a bit of independence.  They will still eat with us in the house, but they will be responsible for looking after the place and keeping it clean.  I await the results of how clean and tidy it remains with sceptical interest.   Flora lost no time in laying claim to Suzies old bedroom and is now getting ready to install herself.  However before she does that it really does need a lick of paint.  Mrs F is incapable of just giving anything a lick of paint and has grand schemes of this being sanded and that being filled and blah blah blah. One tub of Dulux and a quick brushing and it will be like new.  Besides which, they have so many bloody posters and bits of furniture that you don’t see any wall, so I dont see why I should waste time and money on it.

What do you mean I’m a tight wad.

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  1. Danny D says:


    It’s getting on for a month since your last post. This is clearly not acceptable. If you don’t pull your finger out soon and start posting your position as “Filth in France” will br up for re-consideration.


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