15 Aout

The 15th is a bank holiday and also our village fete and normally we have a bit of a get together with a load of friends and get a leg of lamb and other tasty stuff on the barbie (thats the BBQ not Claus).  There is a reasonable consumption of vino and a good time is had by all.  The only thing is that the weather can be a little uncertain at this time of year. Last year it was hot and this year it aint, in fact last night is snowed on the mountains at about 1800 metres which is ski resort level.  The bad news is that the crap weather is here until next Wednesday, but the good news is after that it is due to get hot again.  Yippee

However, as a result of the inclement weather it is with a very heart that I have to tell you we have taken the decision to postpone the shindig and that means the annual top less water volley ball and water polo match will have to wait.

This morning it was off to church for the village mass this is followed by a remembrance ceremony at the war memorial for those from the village who have died in Frances conflicts.  For a place with less than 150 residents there are quite a few who have copped it in foreign fields.  There is a young peoples association in the village and there is a small band who knocked out a rather jazzy version of the Marseillaise which was greeted with enthusiastic applause and then a quick appero at the village hall.

I gave the drink a miss as my pelvis is giving me some serious stick, but Suzie is staying there for lunch and then she and the other teenagers/young people will go round the village in a minibus which stops at every house.  They and the band get out sing and are given a drink.  They usually get to us last and are pretty bladdered, which might explain why they then jump into the pool.  I hope they don’t expect me to jump in this year.

We have Julias Aunty Audrey here until next Thursday.  She is a chatty soul and a very easy guest and we really enjoy her visits, but I do feel sometimes that we give her a very boring stay, but she never complains.

I was reading a survey that said that Thames Water is the best water in the UK.  I was intrigued as to how they came up with this decision – not that I have anything against Thames water, I was just interested as to how you decide which is the best water.  The criteria used is that Thames had the less complaints.  One observer has commented that that would make Garry Glitter the best Paedophile in the country (when he gets back that is) as he only had two young girls complain against him.

I also see that Jeremy Paxman has upset the sweaty socks by saying that the work of Robert Burns is” …No more than a king of sentimental doggerel, one might as well have used his ramfeezled to describe our state.”

The Chambers Dictionary entry for doggerel is “badly written poetry”. Ramfeezled means tired or exhausted.

Mr Paxman makes no mention of Rab C Nesbitt, who I understand now holds a position in the new Scottish Assremby as minister of cultural affairs.

Had the weather been better no doubt I would be on the road to being ramfeezled, but as it is here I am banging out the blog equivalent of doggerel.

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