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 “Its so nice to go travelling to London Paris and Rome, but its so much nicer to get home” I think thats roughly howOl’ Blue eyes put it, and by in large he is right.

The day after getting back from the European tour we found the dishwasher had died, the pool had gone green and there was virus on the computer and we had a major financial crisis.  Typical but nothing that can’t be sorted.  Enough algicide  to remove the skin from a small child and eventually the pool eventually went blue.  The virus was sorted out in three hours by AVG and the financial crisis, well that will sort itself out eventually, besides which as half the world seems to be up shit creek there doesn’t seem much point loosing any sleep over a few thousand Euros, besides which it wouldn’t alter anything would it.  We have insurance to cover the repair of dishawasher and although this will mean some weeks washing up, it is hardly a big deal.

What really pissed me off was I also got a bill from Orange for 100 Euros.  The robbing bastards. You see we have a fixed contract of unlimited calls etc and internet for 50 Euros, but in May and June we got bills for 90 and 85 Euros.



That was the less than satisfactory explanation given by the Newarks (anagram) at Orange. However they decided as we had been with them for a year they would give us the month of July totally free. So if July was a free  month why a bill of 100 Euros. “You made telephone calls” they said. No we didn’t we were not here and we were supposed to have the month free. “Zut alors I will look into it and somebody would ring you back”. They didn’t so I cancelled the contract blocked the payments and moved to Neuf (aol), which is what I wanted to do last year till Ornage cocked the whole thing up.

It took neuf 5 days to send me the box and transfer the lines. Those of you who read last year will recall it too Orange 60 somehting days to do this.

So now France Telecom can poke their orange up their derrieres.

I feel better now and will run outside  into the sunshine and skip through the grass like a chunky Julie Andrews.  Maybe run is a bit of an exageration, since I had my accident I cannot run properly like a bloke, I run like a woman does when they have lost their kids.  All very embarrassing and not macho at all.

The weather has been pretty good since we have been back.  Not perfect but not bad.  Most days around 30c and for the most part blues skies with a little breeze.  We have had a couple of thunderstorms but all in all a pretty good summer.

However the weather is only part of a good summer.  For me this year the fact that I have been able to walk and do things which on Decemebr 25th looked highly unlikely has really struck home.  To add to this, we have had a ten day visit from Dr & Mrs Death and the Deathlets followed by another ten day visit from the Zeccas.  They were great visits and we really enjoyed them, not just because they are good people and easy guests who pitch in and help in the chaos that is our household, Its more than that, it is because they are good friends.  My mate Jim Elliot used to say we all have a lot of acquaintances but it is a lucky geezer who can say he has five friends.

I am truly a lucky geezer, even if I do run like a doris.


Bollocks again to Orange.

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  1. enidd says:

    gah, don’t mention financial crises. the robbing americans are about to sue enidd for all she has.

    and bollocks to all phone companies, but especially a t & t.

  2. Billyboy says:

    Enidd – But apart from all that life’s good!
    Jesting apart I am glad to hear your mum is on the mend. I am sure it will work out OK. Keep your chin up.

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