Sea, Sex and Sun – but not necessarily in that order!

Now then, now then a lot has happened since my last post back at the start of July, although most of it is pretty boring.

As you may recall we went off for a weeks visit to Italy to stay with MrsFs sister and family. There was the surprise visit for her birthday by her parents all of which I blabbed about in my last post.

We had a great week scoring rays at the beach or a nearby lake. We had done a short course of holiday Italian before we went (BBC Kick satrt Italian if you are really interested) and although we were not great we could at least count and order drinks and grub and all in all it did help.  MrsF even managed to negotiate with some Arab Johnny on the beach for some rather sexy white cotton shirts and bits and was able to say “Troppo caro” – too expensive and beat him down in price.

We did do one day of sight seeing, but to be honest if you have seen one ruin you’ve seen em all. However Katie P, MrsF’s neice did a top notch job guiding us around the hot spots of Roma. The weather was very hot and sunny and we moved on bronzed and more sexy than we had arrived. I know that a little hard to imagine, but it is true.

It was a great week and a really relaxing holiday and Suzanne and Pater gave us a really good holiday and so a big merci goes to them.

We left Rome on the 12th July at about 7.30a.. We got to the airport at 5.30 is having done the on line check in malarky and presented our six checked in bags and passports to the woman at the BA desk. She looked at them and say “Dat Ok but you ava de pay de exdra for de exdra bag”

“Extra bag!” says I “what extra bag?”

“You av a checked in de six bags but der is only de five persons oo travel” she said giving me her best Italian BA corporate smile.

“No there are six of us traveling”

“But I ave onlt de five pasports” she retorted.

I knew I had given her six passports but she said ” I no ave it ear”

I remained cool under crisis for a few seconds and then we started looking for the missing passport. I thought it was going to be Claudia’s as these things always happen to Claude, but no for once it was Flora who was the victim. The cool evaporated as we rummaged through pockets and bags all to no avail and then suddenly she said “Oh it Ok I drop it on de floor” HA HA HA HA how we all laughed, dopey mare.

We got to York about 2.30pm and then first thing the Kids asked was to drive past Grannys house.  The “For Sale” sign and the absence of life was the confirmation they did not really need that Old Bid had moved on and so did they.  That evening we had a family get together for my aunty Mary’s 81st birthday.  Everyone was on good form and in high spirits despite being one light which was really good and then the next day off with Vic to Scarborough for our first holiday without Granny.

I wont bore you with a blow by blow account of our hols.  In the words of Jim Elliott  “The weather was good, we had a nice time, Shtum”  That sums it up perfectly.  The weather was brilliant and we did have good time, which was over before we knew it.  Our tanned bods were even more bronzed.  I dont like to boast, but  famous singer once said “Bill man, you are even more sexy when tanned” and who am I to argue with Stevie Wonder.

Our last night in the UK was spent with Rocket Ron and Julie at their UK pad in Kennington.  It is a cracking place with view across the London skyline to the London Eye, Place of Westminster and Post office tower.  As per usual their hospitality was as generous and bountiful as ever and we ate and drank far too much.  Ron has started producing a cheeky little fruity brandy which was too tasty by half and might just account for why I can’t remember which fruit it was he used and for the mild headache I had the next morning.

The next day was Rons birthday and they were invited out.  We had walk to the South Bank and took in some of the sights of what I think is probably the best city in the world.   We were entertained by a very amusing, camp Australian escapologist  who did some amazing dislocating of limbs and then it was time to fly home.

So then Guys and Gals that covers the sun and sea but what about the sex.


6 Responses to “Sea, Sex and Sun – but not necessarily in that order!”

  1. Brummie says:

    Hi B,
    glad to see you are all back in one piece, s’pose theres a reason for Rome via the uk…
    Ok if we drop in next time around? in Oct..have our daughter with us..
    be good,

  2. Danny Dwyer says:

    Billy So good to see you blogging again…………………. Sad news. Johnnie Johnson jumped in the Thames 2 weeks ago and killed himself. Why?, We don\’t know why. Today at his funeral service at St Mary’s Battersea there were at least 600 pers. About 1/2 that number were Old Bill. Ian Blair read a lesson which was fairly good (you could feel the dislike of him by the congregation and especialy the cops although there was no sound). The Vicar said his piece and was critical of the “corporate guilt” as to why he did what he did (he was apparently moved to a role that was more – in your face bash em up style policing), something he had not done foe years. I’m sure you would have known Johnnie in your time. He obviously left a big hole. We all went with the family to the Prince Albert P.H. in Albert Bridge Road (very different now – Mrs Rice and red faced Tony long gone) Danny

  3. Billyboy says:

    D – would be delighted to see you. Drop me a line and come over for some lunch and chin wag.

    Danny – Very sad news indeed.

    I hadn’t seen Johnny for years, but funnily enough he cropped in conversation with somebody recently.

    I didn’t know he was dead, but knew that his mum had died recently and that he had not taken it to well, plus he apparently had some health problem he was worrying about. He was a complicated character as I remember, but a decent geezer and very likeable bloke and very popular with his colleagues.

    Its hard to understand how low somebody can be to not know that so many friends and colleagues would have been more than happy to try help through the difficult period.

    Gone but not forgotten.

  4. enidd says:

    hi billy,

    glad you had such a good summer!

  5. Billyboy says:


    Nice to see you drop by. Whats happened to your blog? How are things?

  6. enidd says:

    dogs bit an autistic kid. no idea why, and obviously they’ll never be off the lead again – if they survive. the hearing is in an hour’s time. the kids’ parents are suing us – without even trying for a reasonable person to person thing first. (blog was taken down because of offensive comments from an ignorant person.)

    and then last week my mum was rushed into intensive care – but today, thank god and his little weasels, she’s much better and should be in a normal ward this evening.

    life, don’t talk to me about life.

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