postcard from Italy 1

Got up at 5.45 am and we Flew from Toulouse to Gatwick at 10.30am and then at 14.00 Gatwick to Rome on Saturday, which was MrsFs birthday. All very smooth and relaxing until we got to Rome to find the geezer at the higher car place was on his jack jones and the hire car was noit back from the car wash. He was not a happy chap but very charming. a lady collegue turned up who had slopped off about an hour previously for fag and he really gave her what for for not making sure the car was ready. Quite funny really.

Got to Suznne and Peters and went straight out to a local restuarant for dinner. We had just sat down when an old bloke came up and kissed MrsF on the back of the kneck, By jingo what a cheeeky chap until we rtealised it was Julias mum and dad. Pete and Trish had left Galan on Friday and driven here to be with Julia for her birthday. A good time was had by all and we hit the sack at about 2am. A long day but well worth it.

Have to keep this short as There is no adsl just dial up.


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