Le Pont

Well its May Day and the start of the public holiday bonanza in France.  The 1st, 8th and 12th are all official holidays. So today is a public holiday so everything is shut and the kids are off school.  Tomorrow is an unofficial holiday or “Pont” as the French call it, a pont is a bridge and this extra day simply bridges the one day between the public holiday and the weekend. So many public offices and schools are shut tomorrow, but  a lot of businesses and shops are open as normal.

To make up for this the children were at school all day on Wednesday.  However next week is a little more complicated.

Next Thursday is also a holiday as is the following Monday and so it follows that Friday is also a pont.  It is for the younger children at primary school who will have school all day on Wednesday but then be off until the following Tuesday.  Very simple and practical, BUT possibly not for Suzie who is at Lycee and Claudia at college.  Apparently and I say apparently, because there has been no communication from the respective educational institutions,  the older children will be at school all day on Wednesday and on Friday.  Suzie has been asked to stay with some friends who are going to Argeles sur Mer on the Med coast, leaving on Wednesday afternoon and returning on Sunday evening.   We have a little trip away planned with the rest of the brutes leaving on Wednesday evening and coming back on Sunday night so this is a bit of a kick in the nuts.

Suzie has got in a bit of a flap, but my view is bollocks to the schools she is going on her trip.  If they have a change of plan that flies in the face of the rest of France then hey should communicate this to the parents in reasonable time.  If they don’t, well they can take a running jump.  A French friend in a similar position said we could pretend the kids were ill and I have said no, If the schools want to know why they weren’t at school I will write and say that if the schools can’t be arsed telling us what is happening that’s their problem not ours and they can pick the bones out of that.

MrsF and I are going away for a couple of Days to the town of Aubeterre sur Dronne in the Charente for an arts weekend.  A friend of ours John Gregson is an artist and has recently finished a series of paintings for the new P&O cruise liner Ventura.  I help him with his website and publicity and few other b its and bobs.  He has a exhibition running and we have been invited.  Have a look at the site and his paintings.  I am also hoping to meet up with a very old friend of mine who will be in the neighbourhood.

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  1. enidd says:

    enidd agrees with your policy on writing letters to ignorant french schools billy. in fact, she thinks you should post the letter here so we can all have a giggle. thanks for the lovely mail and comment, mate. 🙂

  2. Keith ' Kato ' WALLIS says:

    Hi Julia, Bill and family,

    I hope you are all well.

    I’ve finally caught up with reading all your ‘ blogs ‘ , I think thats the right term excuse me but I computer illiterate. I have very much enjoyed reading about your life in France and can often be heard laughing away at some of your comments.

    I’ve tried to leave comments but probably failed miserably, so I’ve resorted to emailing on this adress, hopefully I’m successful.

    Sorry to read that you have not been too well and glad that you’re on the mend, you always were a durable bugger.

    Well take care and hopefully when you get a spare moment you can drop me a email or would that be a letter from France.

    All the best

    Keith ‘ Kato ‘ Wallis

  3. Billyboy says:

    Enidd – Hope things buck up for you.

    Kato my little friend. How nice to hear from you. An email will be on its way to you in the next 24 hours.

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