Pas Normal – encore

This weather is Pas Normal.  Another day of clear blue skies and sunshine with temperatures nudging 20c and 25 to 28 in the full on sun.  It is not even cold overnight.   Normally when we have these sunny days it is between -3 and -6 overnight, but last night it was about 8c.  The mega snow that was supposed to have arrived the other day hasn’t.

Enidd in San Fransisco will be able to sleep easy knowing that I am not nut deep  in snow.  I know you have been worrying about this Enidd.

Regular readers will know that I hate kids in ski helmets with a passion.  This feeling of loathing has been increased by the news that friend of mine was hit by a little shit in a helmet and as a result is now in Toulouse with a ruptured kidney which he may well loose.   The good news is that the little f***er in question has seriously damaged his neck and leg.  There is a God after all.I am going to be out of circulation for about a week as I head to the thermal baths to ease my aches and pains, but I will be back home by next Friday all being well.  This remind me of the story of the bloke who had a sore back and went to a swedish massage parlour.  The young lady worked her magic for 20 minutes or so and then asked the punter how he felt.  He replied “The stiffness hasn’t gone miss, just moved”

Ciao bella

4 Responses to “Pas Normal – encore”

  1. clarissa says:

    I never, ever had a helmet. Not even when I was hit by three different cars (on 3 different occasions).

  2. enidd says:

    glad to know the nuts are safe and warm, but, now enidd is worrying about your helmet, billy.

  3. Billyboy says:

    What ho – my helmet is fine merci, although the rest of me is well dodgy.

  4. Danny says:

    Ou est Billyboy?

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