The Shaddow of Death

Dr & Mrs Death and the deathlets have been with us for the last week on their annual ski holiday.  This has meant late nights drinking and general rabble-rousing whilst myself and Dr D have prepared meals, done the house work and generally looked after the children and been in bed early.   Actaualy Dr D and Jamie hit the slopes for 5/6 days and MrsD stays at chez nous with their daughter who is too young for the joy of the slopes.

Actually there are big congratulations to Jamie D as he got his third star ski badge and is going from strength to strength on the slopes.   When he started he wasn’t too sure if skiing was his bag baby, but I don’t think there is any doubt now. He is a cracking lad and fits in really well with our lot.  I say this because it is not always easy for one kid to slip into the group of four.  The added complication can be that  we often have the FA’s kids here who just don’t speak any English and of course Jamie doesn’t speak French to that degree.

This was the case this weekend when Hugh was here, but boys are boys and although they may not speak the same language and they all speak the universal language of tree house, sticks and mischief.

This weekend was also the annual school Loto – Bingo to you lot.  Very well supported as always with about 300 people cramming into the salle de fete in Galan.   There was a wide range of prizes donated by business and individuals from the area.  The kids were more disappointed not to win a foot spa than the Ninitendo moron box that was up for grabs.  What on earth would 9 year olds want with a bloody foot spa?  Although on reflection it is better than a Ninitendo moron box which along with gameboys and other such mind numbing crap will not darken my doorstep.

The fish won a prize though.  A big of goodies including and MP3 player and Charles Aznavore and George Brassens  DVD, a happy meal and an adult meal at McDonalds, free entry to a local chateau and whole load of other stuff.  He was cook a hoop.  <Much to my surprise the DVDs have been watched already and one can hear the boy’stunless whistling of les Copains D’aboard.

Jamie came to the lotto as well which was very plucky as it was all in French.  He stuck it to the very end which was 1.30am and although he had some help with the numbers from MrsF and the kids I thought it should great perseverance on his part to play bingo in French for  four and a half hours.  That boy must be desperate for a foot spa!

Well the major snow fall that was on the cards has not arrived as of yet.  My gonads remain free, warm and above snow.  There’s a thought to conjure with, not that I am inviting people to conjure with my gonads…I thgink I will move on.  However we are told that next week the temperatires are going to drop to well below freezing.  By this I mean -14c.  Brrrrrr.  Still we will wait and see.

We are heading to the mountians for our ski holiday.  I say Our holiday but I actually mean the brutes.   My newly mended broken back and pelvis will not be on risk, although I did say I was tempted to get the Green Hornet (my trusty plastic sledge) out. It was a joke of course but went down like a lead balloon.  No this year I will be resting and going along to the spa baths and sauna to improve my boner etre. Tee hee.

MrsF is not going to ski this year either.  Not because she wants to keep the old raspberry company, but she quite rightly says that if some little shit in a helmet skis into her we will be totally bolloxed.   She is right of course.  I wont be able to drive until sometime in April as it is and if she gets hurt quelle fromage!

Any road up, the kids are doing ski lessons in the morning.  Actually Suzie is boarding but that is splitting hairs.  Then Mrs Royies has very calliantly volunteered to come up and ski with them in the afternoon.  I have to say that this is a gesture above and beyond and we are very grateful to her for helping out.

I am hopping to catch up with JH for at least a beer and maybe some grub before he heads back to the UK.  He stopped in very briefly at the start of the weekend with some  supplies, including the biggest piece of cheddar cheese I have ever seen in my life.

The garden still looks a friggn mess and my call to arms to attack it ready for spring planting is falling on very deaf ears.  I would get more response from Geoff Hamilton or Percy Thrower.

The Red Roaring Monster (out Red Land Rover) is back on the road after being fitted with a new water pump.  Now the bloody heater fan has packed up, poxy thing.  I say it has packed up, but I suppose what I should say is that it has gone from sounding as if it is asthmatic to  sounding  like it has advanced emphysema.  I dont think I will worry to much about the faint electric burning smell until flames appear.  At least we will be warm.

I have now got my weight down to 92kg from something over 100kg at the time of the accident.  I am told I could do with shedding another 8kg for the sake of my inured bits.  I am feeling better for the loss – actually thats crap, but my knee is not as painful as it was.

On the subject of my various injuries I can report that the medicos are happy that the crack in my pelvis has mended well.  The pain I have is from ligaments and or tendons connecting my right hip and the right side of the pelvis.  I have been given another bin bag of pills and potions which will put me on the road to …..well actually he didn’t say where exactly,  but wherever it is I will be on that road.   He has also said that I have been doing too much and not resting enough.  I have to say there is a limit to how liong one can lie flat and watch the telly, read or listen to music.  Oh no there is not he says.

Tea MrsF, TEA!

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  1. enidd says:

    glad to hear the gonads are well and warm, billy. lucky you let us know, enidd couldn’t have got through the week for worrying otherwise.

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