Carnival and other stuff.

The last week or so has just been bloody mental.  The start of last week especially Monday was hectic for MrsF as Carnival costume preparations went up a gear. The great event was set for Tuesday, being the day before Ash Wednesday or Shrove Tuesday in the UK. Being as useful as tits on a bull, I did the sensible thing and kept out of the way.

Its funny how as adults we see the world one way and children see it another. We think we remember what its like being a kid, but we don’t really. I say this because by the time Tuesday lunch time arrived the children of Galan school were whizzing at 30,000 feet in excitement, when all they were going to do was dress up, walk around a deserted village and then sing to the old people at the retirement home. Thats the old geezer talking. For them it is a spectacular event and one which they enjoy beyond description.

Flora had decided to go as a corpse bride, based on the Tim Burton film of the same name. I think COLIN worked on that. William announced he was going as Narauto. Who the frig is Narauto I hear you ask. Good question. He is apparently some Jap Manga kung fu cartoon character with a crap dress sense and a mop of spikey yellow hair.

Despite her best efforts MrsF could not persuade The Fish to go as anything else but this yellow haired spaz. Tuesday lunchtime arrived and having bolted their grub at break neck speed, it was time to get ready.

If I am honest I thought Billy was going as a Guantanamo Bay inmate. I kept expecting him to kneel down with his hand on his head. Anyway, as usual a lot of effort went into the costumes and a good time was had by all.

Flora as the Corpse Bride

Qunatanemo Will



Floras ClassWilliams Class



I have been plagued by pain from my pelvis, which I also cracked at the same time as I broke my back. The consesus of medical opinion was that the pelvis would mend in the same time as the back, but this does not seem to have been the case. As a result I have been somewhat incapacitated for the last week and am now due to have some more x-rays and scans to see what if anything needs to be done.

The weather is till sunny and bright and a “pas normal”20c during the day.

Of course the six nations have got under way and I have managed to drag myself from sick bed to watch. I will say only this, if England play against the French or Irish like they played against the Italians they will be annihilated. Granted they have managed to score a few tries but the England pack is just unable to push over the try line.

Enough of that old tosh.  I am going to have to get the brutes into action in the garden soon if we are going to enjoy a bootiful crop of fruit and veg.  Mind you I suspect this warm weather is lulling me into a false sense of security and in two weeks I will be up to my gonads in snow, but I like to plan in advance, and then do nothing about it until the very very last minute.  Soentings will not change.

4 Responses to “Carnival and other stuff.”

  1. Danny says:

    Billy, persevere, these sort of ailments come with the onset of senior years.


  2. enidd says:

    if you’re up to your gonads in snow, at least you’ll have planted your spuds.

  3. Mrs Roynie says:

    Ha ha hee hee. William’s class carnival photo has me in stitches! His outfit may have been a bit of a worry. But think! Things could have been so much worse. He could have gone as a giant sunflower or worn a pair of his granny’s pink bloomers on his head! Priceless!!!

  4. Paul says:

    Bill, glad to read of your onward march towards rude health. Well, bits of you, anyway. Loved the carnival stuff which reminded me of stumbling across Jonny the Zombie on t’internet. Effortless link follows:

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