On The Mend

On Wednesday I went to see the neurosurgeon who did the repairs to my broken back on boxing day. Despite a very slight problem with my right leg I am making a very good recovery. I still have discomfort in my hip and lower back, but I can put up with that, bearing in mind that it is only 4 weeks since I broke my back.

For your delight and delectation there is a picture of the recent x-rays showing what they put in and the dinky little screws holding me together. Its not the greatest picture to appear on the net, but for me it should be framed and hung over the fireplace. I have one question, do I look thin in these shots?  As usual just click on the thumb nail to see the big picture.

Back x-ray

MrsF Has dropped her cake making this week in favour of knocking out costumes for Carnival which is on Tuesday (allegedly) and weather permitting. This will be Floras last carnival at Galan as she goes to College in September. College chicks are way to cool and grown up to dress up for Carnival.  For her swan song she is going as a corpse bride.

Billy the Fish is going as some kind of Japanese Manga character. I suggested going as a Jap’s eye, but the joke was lost on him and I got a fairly fierce withering look from MrsF, because had he understoond the joke he would probably have thought it a great idea.  I cannot see that it would have been too hard a costume to make.  All he would have needed was a pink swimming hat and a black marker pen.  My input has been politely declined.

It has stayed nippley the last couple of days and although about 4c during the day it feels much colder. Apart from my trip to the hospital at Pau I have not been out much, but I am going to go out this evening to watch Ribs at swimming and Suzie at her Mother fherking break dancing. If rappers and the black gangster turned down their music they would not be deaf and the singers or rap master shitesters or what ever they are called would not have to tell them to listen up.

I’m outta here yoall cos I gotta hang on me bed wid de mottahead and relax to de soothin rythems of Lemmy.


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  1. martin says:

    Keep chillin on da sheets bro lissning to da beats up side yer head……….respect.

  2. David says:

    Hi Bill, don’t want to alarm you at all, but….. I had a similiar thing fitted when I broke my Femur, thats the long one ‘tween knee and hip, they fitted a nice s/s plate about 8″ long with 10 s/s screws, they gave it me as a souvenir on its removal some years later….only NINE s/s screws, the tenth had broken on removal and is still screwed into my bone…still, at least it doesnt show up on the airport scan..

    The Brummie

  3. Billyboy says:

    M – Respect dude. Hows wendy? long time no parlez. Hope the flat sale is going OK. will email you over the weekend

    Brummie – Thanks very much for your card which arrived today. I have another plate in my left arm which should have come out but for some reason they left it. It aches ehn it is going to snow for some reason.

    I can feel the one in my back when I go to bed. It is about the length of my hand and feels as if I am lying on something. Its not painful but a bit yurkky sometimes when the cartilage and stuff graunch against is.

  4. Danny says:


    My 23yr old idjit had something done to him when he came off a m/bike (on a race circuit) at 140mph in October. He did his 12th Vertebrae and the put a whole scaffold lorry load in using key hole surgery. He went back to work as a plumber a couple of weeks ago! Surgeon don’t know yet but he says it beats Tricia on the telly and he’s taking it easy. I think you both have had a “touch”.

  5. Danny says:

    Sorry for spelling and lack of grammar in my last post. I am experimenting with shoving copious amounts of Wife Beater down my neck following another week at work, I am trying to determine how much you have to drink before the Commissioner doesn’t appear to be a twat. The last post should have read along the lines that the idjit had the same sort of operation after he broke his back and “they”, the medics stuffed the lorry load in……oooopppps …I think the beer is working …I just had a flash back and I thought I. B. had gone down from being a twat to just being a burke..gotta go …Danny

  6. wendy says:

    Wendy’s fine – she keeps meaning to call you but she has holes in her memory and neurons that misfire, hence she forgets. She also forgets to clean her teeth. Your back looks scary and Wendy wants to know how the hell did you break it? She realises you may have told her already but there’s that memory problem cropping up again. Stay cool.

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