Weather Amnesia

There is something about the weather that gives people amnesia. Contrary to popular belief it is not just limited to Britain, it is an international phenomenon.

It is quite common at this time of year to have clear blue skies, with sunny warm days with temperatures of 16c and 17c. The nights are cold and first thing the temperatures are below zero. And so it has been for the last few days, which is where the amnesia comes in. The Brits keep saying its lovely, and “I can’t remember the last time we had rain”. The frogs say “Pas normal”. Which is a laugh because I have been coming to this region for over 20 years and have had weather like this in January every year. How can they forget how Pas Normal is that? As for the Brits who cannot remember the last rain or when it was really cold, let me help you, it was only last week the 20th January. With such dodgy memories I am thinking of asking these people for the money back that I lent them.

Floras sleep over went as noiseley as could be expected. From the sanctuary of my sanatorium on the ground floor at the back of the house I could have been forgiven for thinking that we had a small herd of elephants staying rather than three ten year old girls. Mrs F braved the foggy night and took them to McDonald’s. One parent said something like “It will be her first time, because she has never been before” so how come she knew to order a maxi best of menu Le Big Mac avec Fries & Coca plus a McSundae? Hey ho.

Having eaten at Cafe Ronald the party goers crashed back to our place for some birthday cake. In keeping with the healthy eating MrsF made a suitable cake in the form a scrumptious looking hamburger. Now then, I have taken a photo with Suzies camera and I have been into her room to get the said camera so as to upload the photo of the cake. Uploading is not a problem but finding the damn camera is. I had more hope of finding Lord Lucan. In other words – I had to wait till Suze got home from Lycee.

Flora Burger cake

One of Floras presents was a book the title of which roughly translated “A good time to be a girl” The mother who bought it said it looked really good because it had recipes and Viagra Online games and things to do. We know this mum really well, and she is always buys excellent presents and has got some great books in the past. This book was no exception and went down a storm with the four stooges. Not because of the recipes, but because the book was aimed at slightly older teenage girls. So raucous was the hilarity that MrsF went to investigate the source of the unbridled mirth.

We have all done it, scanned through a book and seen the good bits. The mother concerned had not seen the best bits and let me just say that the things to do did not include walking the neighbours dog. Anyway, as I said it caused much mirth and hilarity, although I suspect that will disappear when they actually get period pain. Ahh good to be a bloke.

Pete, MrsF’s dad was out of his physiotherapy home for the weekend. He is doing well on his one stick but generally uses two. They came over for lunch yesterday and it would have been eight of us. I had a nice, leg of lamb which I stuffed with garlic and rosemary.

However Dr Death stopped in with the two James’s and Pete the Pilot on their way back from their boys weekend skiing. They had had reasonable snow and lots of sunshine judging by the colour of their faces. However their flight did not go from Toulouse until 9.30pm and it was 1pm so eight became twelve and having peeled a few extra spuds and found an extra bag of frozen Yorkshire puds in the freezer we all had plenty. From our point of view it was very agreeable lunch. Death and the boys were all for eating outside, but us locals don’t venture out to eat unless its 20c+. It was nice to have a chance to sit and talk to the boys and Pete got some extra company other than just ours. A few beers and several glasses of wine and a good time was had by all.

What a good way to spend Sunday. Dr Death is back in a couple of weeks with MrsD and the kids for their skiing holiday. The Fish is awaiting Jamie’s arrival like a be leagued legionnaire awaiting male reinforcements. I am preparing DVD presentation of cool running on our new big flat screen tv we bought just before Christmas, which some of us have yet to watch it.

That’s enough sitting for one go.

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