Happy Birthday Flora

Actually her birthday was on Tuesday but due to disruption to the phones and internet by Fuck France Telecom I was not able to post.  The big birthday sleep over is on Friday.  Mrs F cake productions is back on line for the big event.  Flora has elected to have some friends to eat at McDonalds of all places.  It makes me laugh, no one French ever admits to eating at McDonalds, yet the car parks are always full and there are a steady stream of cars going through the McDrive.  Obviously tourists.

The weather remain mild and I have been getting out and about a bit.  I have had a couple of runs in the car but I get tired and sore where my wound rubs against my clothes.  It is not painful just not what you could do with.

On the subject of cars I think we may have found something to replace the fiat.  More to follow.

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  1. clarissa says:

    I love the way “anti-globalists” tend to be massive hypocrites. I’m no fan of American culture, but when the complaints go up about McDonalds and Starbucks and Disney World, I want to scream: they only do well because there is a market!

    The anti-free-trade, anti-globalists are generally myopic, narrow thinkers who respond with knee-jerk reactions rather than understanding the full impact of global trade – positive and negative. Chris Martin, the pretentious butt, is one of the offenders I find most annoying. The butt wipe goes on and on about how free trade is f*cking up the world … I have to scratch my head and wonder where the fuck he thinks he’s selling all those CDs … only in Devon?

    Sorry. Sore spot. xx, c

  2. Billyboy says:

    I agree. It made me laugh when that bloke lived on McDonalds for a month. I wonder how he would have been if he had tried broccoli, sprouts or oranges.

    I was just wondering, do they have CDs in Devon and Cornwall. Incest yes, but…CDs?

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