I Like Driving in My Car

Actually, that is not entirely true. I ventured out as a passenger for the first time yesterday. Not a long trip just 11KM to Lannemezan to see Pete who is in my old room. He is doing well and has been out of bed and walking today apparently.

I expected the car to be hard on the actual spine, but in fact it was the wound which rubbed a bit ad we bobbled along in the Land Rover. I was glad I have broken the duc, but I was not sorry to get home and to lie down.

I can sit long enough for a meal now and am fairly agile on the old pins, its just every now and then that I get a sharp reminder of the seriousness of the injury. Its as if it the body is saying “Easy boy not too much” .

I don’t need telling twice.

3 Responses to “I Like Driving in My Car”

  1. clarissa says:

    Good Billy Boy! Do what the body tells you!

    You’ve made me think, “Does Billy speak French? Must do or the accident, the surgery, the hospital, the healing would be a bloody pain!”

    And I’ve thought, “There are a lot of latex gloves in hospitals. I wonder if Billy took any pictures.”

    xx, c

  2. Billyboy says:

    Hello C.
    Yes I speak French and pain. Nothing like being injured to make one eloquent. I can tell you that “shit that hurts” is pretty universal. It must be something in the way it is said!

  3. clarissa says:

    You’ve given me a chuckle!

    And MrsF has me slackjawed by her cakemaking abilities. Guinea pigs and frogs! That’s talent indeed!

    x, c

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