Happy Birthday Claudia

Happy Birthday Claudia, thirteen, I know I keep saying this, but where the hell does the time go. Thirteen already, ahhh the teenage years are with us.

Claudia and Suzie headed off to Tarbes to do some retail therapy, just to reinforce the point that they are indeed teenage girls. To cap the experience they missed their train home so MrsF has ventured out into the tempestuous weather to fetch them.

Julias dad had his hip replacement done today and he is in my old room at Lannemezan Hospital. He is well and sort of with it. MrsF is going to stop off with the girls on the way back from Tarbes.

We would have gone out but due to some cripple the plans have been changed slightly we ate in. Flora cooked (with some assistance but not very much from me) Lardon and walnut salad follwoed by a walnut pasta dish. Claudia likes walnuts. It was very good and Ribs had every reason to be Pokies pleased with her efforts.

claydia and her cake

I had to wait for the big pary before getting a photo as the cake was in a cupboard and I could not get down to it plus it was too bloody heavy for me to lift.

frog cake

I am getting about a bit more and am more and more mobile with each day. I am able to sit for a whole meal, although I need to lie down by the end of it. I would like to mark a difference between this type of lying down and type of lying down one does after a late night curry and a few Cobras. Actually for Cobra read any beer.

Tomorrow I am aiming to have a run out in the jam jar. Not driving of course, that is a couple of months away. I have a follow up appointment at the end of the month with the surgeon just to check the position of the plate in my spine and other bits.

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