I have been asked what it is like to be hospitalised in France. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for my readers I am able to give quite a good comparison between France and blighty.

First things first. It is not possible to make a direct comparison between the two places. Now for all those people who slag off the NHS let me make two points very clear.

1. I have always had spot on treatment for the numerous injuries I have sustained over the years and I have no complaints on that score.

2. The NHS is very very cheap to the user and France is not. My 10 days in hospital, surgery, x-rays, CT scans and transport etc will have cost between 6,000 and 9,000 Euros (4000 to 6000 GBP) of which I would get 70% reimbursed. However we have an insurance which tops up the reimbursement. The insurance is not cheap at 230 Euro per month.

However the hospitals here are in the main brand new, well maintained and very very clean. The emphasis is on care. Blood pressure and temperature taken every waking moment. Clean friendly cleaners cleaning from dawn till dusk. I was in a single room in Lannemezan and a double room in Pau.

If I had to pin my colours to the mast though I think I would rather be injured here than in the UK. However there are talks of reforms to the health Service as per the doctrine of Herr Thatcher so watch this space. The Frogs complain about little hospitals and that you should go to big hospitals, but if I had not been stabalised and treated at Lannemezan I would have had more complications and there is a very good chance I would be in a wheel chair.

You dont know what you’ve got till its gone.

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  1. David says:

    Bill, glad to hear you aren’t on the “lets slag off the NHS” bandwagon, although it has got progressively worse due to all the pressure it is now working under.
    Twice in the last 40 years it has been, literaly, a life saver for me, and again next week I shall be having more surgery, albeit only minor, I am just grateful my general health is good enough to fight off the virus’ that seem to have taken hold in the hospitals.
    The Brummie..

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